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Protected Areas in the northern part of Cyprus - Click on a site name for further details.

Project Outline

Technical Assistance for management and protection of potential NATURA 2000 sites in the northern part of Cyprus" was an EU funded project which provided the Turkish Cypriot Community with the infrastructure and equipment, and knowledge to manage a network of protected areas in the northern part of Cyprus. The project also provided the baseline studies and prepared management plans to assist with the protection of seven specially protected areas in the northern part of Cyprus. These sites are likely to be designated as "Natura 2000" sites following a comprehensive settlement and reunification.

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This project was funded by the European Union under the Aid Regulation for the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community (Council Regulation (EC) No 389/2006 )

Project EuropeAid/125695/C/SER/CY/7
Implemented by consortium NIRAS - NEPCon - GOPA - Oikon